Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Just Keep Pushing

Last night I was a man on a mission.

On my way home I knew I had to get some serrious training done to get me prepared for the 10k, so I decided to just go for it.

I strapped on my headphones, switched on the radio, and thought to myself 'I will keep running til I hear the 6'o'clock news'.

Despite much panting, sweating, and a plenty of funny faces from passers-by I did it.

6.5km in 44 minutes.

Not bad at all, in my view. I have always said that I want to do the 10km in less than 1h30min, so that would suggest that I may be able to do it.

However, the mental battle was emense. I had an overwhelming urge to stop a few times, and whilst I did keep going - I did find it tough.

BMF training tonight, so plenty more fitness on its way. I'm also booked back in to see the guys at Portsmouth University who are following how my body is changing - I hope they can bring me good news!

Reporter Matt

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