Monday, 12 May 2008

Back on the wagon...

It's been an odd past few weeks, but let me bring you up to date.

First of all, I was on a course. Very interesting week in London with lots of people sharing how we can all do our jobs better. Very good, and very valuable... but the food was not diet friendly. Cooked breakfasts, ample lunches and then networking over evening meals. It may sound business-like, but it was not doing my waistline any favours.

At this point I can almost hear Alun screaming at his computer screen going "why didn't you have the salad then you twit?" A good point, concisely made.

I buckled. I will end up paying for it.

Then no sooner had I returned but then I was off again - this time some well needed R&R. Me and Babs went up on a no-expense spared holiday to Snowdonia. Gorgeous weather, stunning scenery, and plenty of mountain-fresh air to clear the lungs.

As I'm sure Babs will testify, I was in fine fitness form that week. I was racing up those mountains paths, leaving her somewhat behind on most of the routes.

However, I'm now back at my desk. Piles of post on one side, plenty of emails on the computer, but only one thing has my focus this afternoon. A tiny, ticking clock on the blog. 12 days!?!?!

I am very worried, and actually quite scared. Even lying on my bed last night I knew that out there in cyberspace that clock was counting down every second that I have between now and then!

Finally, as part of my planning for the next few weeks I have come across a flaw. The day before the big run is my friend's stag party. D'oh.

I'll keep you up to date with how I get on over these final 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

Reporter Matt

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