Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Babs is in trouble...

I think Matt has started to find going to his twice weekly work outs with the army guys a bit of a chore, maybe the novelty factor has worn off, I'm not sure. What I do know is that the last couple of times he has been he has asked me if he has to go. Why is he asking me when it’s up to him? I don't want to get involved in these decisions and that is where I went wrong tonight!

This evening he came home from work and, after a walk around the common with me, he said he was tired and was going for a lie down. Yep you've guessed it, he fell asleep, so at 6.45pm (15mins before he is meant to be on the common) I wake him (thinking I’m doing the right thing!). He appears from the bedroom 10 minutes later saying he isn’t going to go tonight. All I ask in a concerned tone is “why not?” (knowing full well he doesn’t have a legitimate excuse other than he doesn't want to) and he goes into a bit of a strop saying “fine I’ll go” and stomping off. A few minutes later he was changed and is out the door without even calling out goodbye (which is not like Matt at all!).

I think there are two reasons why he didn’t want to go tonight, the first was that he was genuinely feeling tired (he has been out jogging the last two nights) the second is due to the clock change and the fact that it is still light out. Unlike most who would find this positive and motivating, Matt has got used to exercising under the cover of darkness and feels very self-conscious about exercising in public in the daylight. I'm definitely seeing a change Matt. He is facing up to being over weight, starting to do something about it and dealing with how he feels about it and himself, which I believe is a positive step, but it's making him grumpy! I hope that tonight’s training goes well and he comes home happier than when he went out! If not I fear the dinner of brown rice and vegetables that I have prepared for him will do little to cheer him up!

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