Thursday, 3 April 2008

Operation Hawkeye Update

At approximately 13 hundred hours yesterday, Wednesday 2nd April 2008, a subdued Matt walked into the staff canteen at HQ. After his eyes were initially drawn to the sweet smelling amazingly delectable donuts - our soldier stayed strong and continued past without even the slightest lick of the lips.

He may have won that battle but would he win the lunch-time war? Could he stay strong? Would the Devil Donut eventually have his way?

He sat down and then they appeared! Two identical oranges - the colour of David Dickinson but healthier than Gillian McKeith's p%*. Lunch was served.

It seems Matt is really going for it at the moment and is committed to changing his eating habits. Impressive work soldier. Although, it was quite funny watching you try and peel them with a knife??!

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