Monday, 19 May 2008

The Final Countdown

So this is it then?

After all those weeks of talking about it the weekend for Matty to actually do it is upon us.

I have to admit I'm slightly nervous for him. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster for the last 10 weeks for all of us. Granted for myself, Lewis and Al it's been very much a mental rollercoaster as opposed any physical sort - but we're shattered nonetheless.

I know Matt's had his ups and downs but as for having to work with the grumpy so and so when he's on a down - talk about draining!!

Newman's taken to his normal role of being chief wind up merchant. He's done his usual teasing for the past 10 weeks despite the fact he's less than half the width of one of Matt's thighs. It just goes to prove what a patient and lovely chap Matt is as he's graciously taken it all in his (quite immense) stride without even the smallest suggestion of physical violence.

It's fantastic to hear and read Matty's got all the support of family, friends, workmates and even (although he probably won't admit it) Alun. Don't under estimate the challenge and the commitment MT has shown for the past couple of months. It has been a total change for Matt - and he's been putting everything, and I literally mean everything, in the public spotlight for all to see.

The good bits, the bad bits and the wobbly bits.

When he crosses the finish on Sunday ironically I reckon it could mean the start of something else for him. It's corny but having proved to everyone and more importantly himself that working out of your comfort zone can get big results I'm sure he'll take it further - although not necessarily wearing trainers.

His confidence has rocketted. Let's just hope it lands somewhere near Ropley.

Good luck buddy - we'll all be there to cheer you on come Sunday.

I might even buy you a pint.

You'll have earned it.

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