Monday, 19 May 2008

Last Minute Man

Listen to my Mum speaking to Jon Cuthill on the radio this morning - LISTEN AGAIN.

Now that my Mum is getting to grips with this blog she's decided to give me a healthy reality check less than until the race...

"Matthew goes through life thinking, " why do it today if it can be put off until tomorrow, or next week! "

This first had an impact on the rest of the family when doing course work for his G.C.S.E.'s. Six weeks for Geography course work? No problem. The first week is fine, filled with enthusiasm and plans and research. In the following weeks work is done and some ideas are put on paper and drafts are written but there is nothing in finished form.The last night sees Matthew hogging the family computer typing out the course work and giving us pages to proof read. Well past bed time we are getting tired and stressed and at midnight the printer is struggling to cope. I lost count of the times the phrase " Why did you leave it so late to finish it " was used over the exam years.

So "10 weeks to 10 K" was always going to be too long a period of time. 10 days to 10K is much more realistic for Matthew and his mind is now concentrated on the task. All of this is not to say Matthew doesn't do things well or doesn't do them at all, it is just that they are done at the last minute. This means that the people around Matthew who know of the deadlines coming up get the stress and worry instead of him. Inspite of not following his lovely training programme ( has he looked at it since he put it on the blog? ) I know Matthew will do the 10K in the time he wants to because he has a stubborn streak as big and broad as he is.

So we will be there at the start and at the finish of the 10K and be very proud of him, but in the meantime he is putting us through it. Now where did I put my blood pressure pills?


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