Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Matty Fatty Stats

So I spent yesterday at Portsmouth University where I had a full body M.O.T - I wanted to have as many measures taken as possible to find out exactly what in my body will change over the next ten weeks as I prepare to run a 10km race.

I met up with Dr Clare Hencken and her PhD student Nikki Brown at the John Pounds Centre in Portsea. They are working on a study called BodyMorph, which is a study into a weight management programme to support people who want to improve their health.
They're not interested in how much you weigh, or analysing things that only Gillian McKeith would want to touch... no - they're simply interested in the quality of your body, and how they can improve it.

Portsmouth has an obesity problem - in 2005, 52% of people asked by the city's Primary Care Trust were either overweight or obese (Source: Public Health Annual Report 2006).

Anyway - here are some of the stats I found out about me... I'm not proud of any of them to be honest, and posting them up on the web for all to see is a very humbling experience:

Weight: 22 stone

Height: 6ft 4.5in

Body Type: Endomorphic-Mesomorph (Basically I've got muscle, but also a lot of fat)

I've also had all of my maped out to see where I'm storing my fat....

There you go, a lot of it in my tighs, and plenty in my hips. Like a typical man I'm storing my fat in my tummy (unlike women who burrow it away in their tighs and bottom).

So that is me...

I'm off to be fit...

- but just to make sure that you're getting the whole truth on this blog I will also be getting other members of the mid-morning team to post up what they are seeing and hearing, mostly it will be positive stories of motivation and fitness... and not too many candid shots from producer Alun of me at the vending machine!!!


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