Sunday, 16 March 2008

Call me Thomas... but 10k is a long way!

Not one, not two, not three, but TEN! That's double figures and a distance that my car struggles with let alone Matt's legs! Now, before you say i should be more supportive, don't get me wrong i really hope Matt can pull this out of the bag quicker than the crisps that i saw him eat at lunch, but i thought id bring a sense of reality to the situation. It's ok saying, yeah i could do that, give me ten weeks and a few trips to see the health specialists and ill be able to skip round the course. Ive got news for you Matt you should be prepared to go to hell and back and you're going to need the support of your friends and family behind you. So i hereby declare that Operation Hawkeye is under way and that Matt's friends at work are going to help him through the dark times of non-chocolate, fizzy drink, crisp and chip dinners. You can do it Matt, but you've got to start thinking more Special K than Special Chow Mein.


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